Sunday, February 27, 2011

Back in the City of Lights

After a walk through a North African village at sunrise, a quick (3 hour) easyJet flight, a bus, a train, a subway, and a cruise across town in the Renault (the Mr.'s ride), we are finally back in the city of lights.

One of the few modes of transportation we did not utilize on our journey home
 The upside to the terrible weather in France is that they must realize how little vitamin D your body can possibly get here in the winter months and solve the problem by scheduling a "Winter break" (of course this is in addition to the traditional Spring break...a dearth in vacation days has never been the problem for Europeans).  Naturally, we wanted to fulfill our duty as new French residents and refill our vitamin D so we took a trip down to Morocco.  (See Adventures for more about the trip).  Although the Moroccan sun was fabulous, I am elated to be back in Paris.  With a new job awaiting (more details to come!), Mardi Gras celebrations (albeit on a small, two person scale) and friends coming to visit, there is a lot going on back in the City of Lights.  So, bon soir for now but I foresee lots of blogging ahead.

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