Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Parisian Super Bowl

We decided to go incommunicado on Monday after the Super Bowl aired so we could watch it in full suspense (the Super Bowl aired at 1:00 AM Parisian standard time...if this game involved the Saints, I assure you we would have stayed up but we had no real dog in the fight this year).  It definitely made for a long Monday.  No gchat, no facebook, no CNN, no texting .... total cold turkey for a full day.  (It makes you realize what an addict you are.. but that is a whole other story.)  Anyway, we celebrated America's favorite pastime the same way you celebrate anything really.... with lots of food.  American food.

Start off with a little white chicken chili.  (Just chili you say? Super Bowl worthy?)

Well it is when you add a layer of tortilla chips and cheddar cheese on the top (and sprinkle it with paprika to disguise the saturated fat).  Now, it is Super Bowl worthy. 

And of course it would not be a true Super Bowl party without the Mr.'s one and only favorite Super Bowl food.  But, how do you make hot wings in Paris? Great question. It took me a while to figure that one out as well.  Turns out, they actually sell Louisiana hot sauce in Paris.  5 tiny little bottles later and lots of very persistent shaking and you've got buffalo sauce. 

The Mr. worked a little magic on the French grill (the fying pan and oven) and voila! Hot wings.

Finger licking, no doubt.

You don't have to tell me twice. American food? Chocolate chip cookies are already in the oven. 

I have to come clean.  The only American thing we could not put our hands on is arguably the most American thing of all (at least in the context of a football game).  American beer.  No where to be found in old Pare-ee.  Nonetheless, we managed to get by with a little help from Belgium and France.

(Stay tuned for an upcoming Italian dinner in Paris.  Our game wager was over-under on a combined score of 48.  I put my money on over.  So glad I don't have to eat Chinese food again.)

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