Wednesday, February 2, 2011

That's all she wrote

I love it when God reminds me of his excellent sense of humor.  Not even a full week after I post the "Whipping into to Shape" blog, we move into our new apartment only to find a mini cake factory directly across the street (including a big glass window to watch the people make the little cakes) and a store called "Pastavino" next door (including homemade pasta and vino, probably my two favorite things in life....other than little mini cakes....well, and the Mr. of course). Whipping into shape? Yeah right.

The new apartment is great.  We are all moved in and absolutely loving our little pied-a-terre and the neighborhood.  We are still in the 16th, and in fact we are only about 30 minutes walking distance from our old place.  We officially have two rooms now - a bedroom and a kitchen/sitting area.  It is enormous.  So far, I particularly love the hard wood floors and the human size refrigerator.  There are bags all over the places, so I can't do pictures yet but they will be coming soon.

There is usually someone standing in the window making cakes
Back to Aux Merveilleux, the "mini cake factory."  Literally, this is the first thing I see every time I walk outside the front door of the new apartment building.  The bakers stand in a big glass window all day making the most fabulous looking cakes I have ever seen in my whole life (the Mr. says I say, "most fabulous in my whole life" all the time... but honestly, if this isn't in the most fabulous category I do not know what is).  Anyway, so of course the first thing I had to do on my first day in my new apartment was try one of those little cakes.  For our first dinner I wanted to make one of the Mr.'s favorite meals, mushroom risotto.  So I thought, perfect! We will have the little mini cake for dessert.  This is where I made the mistake: picking up the little mini cakes at 4:00 PM, right when the afternoon snack rumble usually starts (rumble referring to the rumble in my stomach).

Choices: Large, Medium, Individual or box of minis

The pastry consist of meringue cakes covered in whipped cream and stacked. Then finished off with chocolate/white chocolate shavings.  I didn't even know I liked meringue.  Apparently I love it.
Shoo!! I didn't think there were enough options before.

The tough choices in life.  ("L'impensable" was a shoe in, even if just for the name itself - "The Unthinkable").
I went with white chocolate for me and l'impensable for the Mr. (quite fitting since I knew he was going to think that it was impensable that I would serve any dessert other than ice cream.) 

Mr. and Mrs. fabulous desserts

Not to mention, how adorable is that box??

I was so excited for our gourmet dessert and our first dinner in our new home! And then I decided to take just one tiny bite.

One tiny bite.
But as you can see, it fell apart after one tiny bite! So I decided it wouldn't hurt to take one more tiny bite since it was already falling apart...

When you give a mouse a cookie.  I am telling you, after the second bite it was like someone told that stomach it could have a mind of it's own!! Two bites turned into five and then five turned into, well.... that's all she wrote ladies and gentlemen.  That's all she wrote.

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