Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Time in Paris

After two months of rain and cold, the sun has finally decided to make it's grand debut over Paris.  I can't wait to enjoy all of the spectacular parks the city has to offer this Spring.   I decided to kick off the season with Luxembourg Garden.  Loved marveling at the fountain and life like statues. 

Love the view of Pantheon in the background.

Along with park going, I am determined to get this little apartment whipped into shape this Spring.  (Hence, no pictures. It hasn't really changed since we moved in!)  We are off to a good start with a weekend trip to Christian Dousson - an antique warehouse in a Parisian suburb recommended by a friend (you can only imagine how excited the Mr. was about this little adventure).  A few wrong turns and a thunderstorm later, the treasure hunt began.  With furniture stacked from wall to wall on two floors, it took a lot of hunting but we came out with a great new marble top coffee table (for absolutely nothing!).  Well worth the little adventure if you ask me (don't ask the Mr.).

Thank you motivating coffee table. 

And Spring renunculus.

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