Sunday, August 28, 2011

Paris Lately

Where to begin.  Since arriving back in Paris from summer vacation in Spain and a two week stint in the US, we have jumped back into French life at full speed.  First, our friend Pat came to visit (ask him about his new favorite dish, tripe) and now we enjoying a couple of weeks with the in-laws (remember the B&B owners from New Orleans?)  We can't wait to show the Grand Monsieur and Madame all of our favorite places in Paris (ask the Grand Monsieur about his upcoming blog!)

A quick recap of a few fun adventures from this weekend.

La Rotisserie d'en face.  Great restaurant recommended by the Grands'.  We loved the food, ambiance and location (in the heart of SGD).  I would definitely repeat this one. 

On Sunday, we discovered some great new boutiques in the Marais.  Bimba & Lola and Deby Debo are two notables. 

Look from Deby Debo

If you are shopping in the Marais, stop by Carette on Place des Vosges.  Great place for brunch or a cafe and patisserie.  Love their mint green tea.  (We also like Soprano if you are craving Italian.  The portions are small, but who needs big ones when you are eating carb heavy pasta?)

Speaking of shopping, we did the entire stretch of Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.  I enjoyed my first trip to Colette (much trendier than expected, think Barney's in NYC) and a dip into several other tres fab designers...."je jueste regarde" - a phrase I learned very early on, just looking.  

Lunch at Le Berkeley was another highlight of the day.  The shrimp were to die for!

We also enjoyed our first live music show this weekend with the Grands.  A little jazz trio performed at Café Laurent (one of my favorite places during my law school stint in Paris). It's in the Hotel d'Aubusson in the 6th.  A great place to enjoy a glass of champagne and pinch yourself that you are in Paris! 

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