Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The After Pictures.... FINALLY!

We finally got the motivation we needed to whip this place into photo ready shape.  A dinner party with the in-laws, what else?!  So without further adieu, the after pictures. (More on the dinner party later!)

 Ta-dah! New additions - throw pillows (Printemps maison); lamp (Christion Doussan - great junk/treasure warehouse in a Paris burb); awesome abstract painting (yours truly); bronze sconces (Clignancourt flea market); gold framed prints (Vanves flea market); finish on the chest (a long Saturday covered in white paint).

I think my favorite thing in this picture is the fridge (it's behind the door right next to the sofa).  Human size refrigerators are a rarity in Paris. 

Our tiny little two burner stove.

A couple other new additions:  shields (gift from the Grands); chair (Christian Doussan); vase (Morocco); curtains (New Orleans toile from Oops! in Nola); more awesome little paintings (the resident artist once again).  The wood paneled door leads to the bedroom. 

Latest window box facelift.

View from the front door. 

Little table by the front door perched next to my favorite market tote. 

On to the boudoir.... 

New additions:  Old French documents framed (Clignancourt flea market); white chair cushion (from our wedding!); Curtains (same Nola toile).

The little shutters above the bed open to the bathroom.

Love our linens (Yves Delorme from Reve Blanc - discount linen store in the 7th).

Love the antique quill set from Mme. Grand.

How cute is the tiny window in the corner!?

And of course our little home just wouldn't be complete without Rick.  

And so there we have it.  Didn't take long did it?  Come visit us soon!

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