Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds Do Paris

I didn't take this picture, this guy I found on google did.

Oh to be young and newlywed in Paris....

You spend a few months blogging about how great life is as a newly married couple and before you know it, someone else comes along, slides into the hot seat and you are old news.  C'est la vie, I'm afraid.

Jealousies aside (jk of course), we had the best time with Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds in Paris.  We were devastated to have to miss their big day (one of the realities of actually living in Paris) but loved showing them a night on the town that they so generously shared with us on their honeymoon.

We had a fabulous dinner at one of my new favorite restaurants in Paris, KGB (Kitchen Galerie Bis - an offshoot of Ze Kitchen Galerie).

If you are into French fusion (which the Mr. and I definitely are), you like tiny little restaurants on the Left Bank (duh, who doesn't?) and you aren't afraid of inventive cuisine (or at least consider yourself mildly adventurous  {this does not include you, M. Grand}), then KGB is a must the next time you are searching for great food in Paris.  I thought the foie gras and mushroom ravioli with a parmesan foam was one of the best plats I've had in Paris yet.

Shrimp, mussels, Thai herbs & lemongrass.  (Photo courtesy of Meg Zimbeck - great food blogger in Paris)

It's also a good place for groups because the chef brings out 4, 6 or 8 starter dishes (depending on the size of your wallet) of whatever is fresh in the kitchen that night.  Its fun to try a bite of all the different small plates without having to commit to a mystery for your main meal  (we aren't that adventurous).

After dinner, we stopped by Bar du Marche and then onto Prescription Cocktail Club, one of our favorite speakeasy-esque bars on Rue Mazarine (the Jasmine is currently my drug of choice) and then rounded out the evening with a photo opt at La Palette (an institutional Parisian cafe on Rue de Seine).


Pictures courtesy of Mrs. Reynolds iPhone. (You're Isabel Marant jacket looks tres fab by the way!)  
You can probably tell we didn't need make anymore stops or take anymore photos after this point in the evening.   (One of the dangers of being a newlywed in Paris).  

We miss you Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds, but it sounds like you are having a fabulous time on part three of the honeymoon in Morocco.  À bientôt!

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