Monday, October 24, 2011

Bourgogne Bleus

Bourgogne bleus, where have you been all my life?

There was rusted Bleu embraced by ivy...

pale, stone wrapped Bleu bathed in sunlight

and my very favorite, the luscious grey kissed Bleu.

There were new coats of paint

and Bleu ironwork

and there was Bleu leading to places that you wish you could go.  

Old Bleu with weathered door knobs


and more door knobs inviting a second look.

There was Bleu remembering Jesus.

and green hued Bleus having tea.

There was Bleu on white washed walls and Bleu on yellowy sandstone hues

and even a Bleu for the Mr. at the local Pickwicks pub.

There were Bleus in need of a little TLC

 and more grey Bleus begging for a second glance.

There were little attic windows


and even an unintential Bleu or two. 

 Bleus decorated by flower baskets

and awnings you'll never forget.

Bleus jeweled with eye-catching henges 

and shutters to match the gates

and there were Bleus subtly camouflaged by the vibrant leaves of Fall

 And finally, my favorite, a Bleu that comes naturally without any paint at all.

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