Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bonjour from Bergen

We are sitting at the airport in Bergen with free Internet and 2 hours to kill so I thought I'd check in. Hope you are well on your way to a great weekend (probably not reading my blog) but in case you are blog addicted like I am, bonjour!

Bergen is the original capital of Norway, a small coastal town on the western side of the country. It's quiet, small and charming (opposite of Oslo). Lots to dish about when I get home.

Speaking of home... we are supposed to be on our way home right now (Sunday flights were too $$$...traveling on Saturday is a huge bummer). But then the Mr. had a fabulous idea. We are changing planes in Amsterdam....why not stay for the night and take a quick train back to Paris Sunday? In!

In the meantime, still sitting in the airport reading blogs and dying for a piece of Joy the Baker's salted caramel cheesecake pie. I don't think they have that in Bergen... Def. going to make this when I get home. If I can find cream cheese that isn't a bagillion dollars in Paris....

I guess I will spend the rest of this free Internet time on My serious addiction. And thinking good thoughts about smooth airplane rides. See you back in Paris!

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