Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I will know I've made it big when she is sitting in my closet.  Not Dion (although, that would be nice too, but not in my closet, just in a private concert on my veranda with ten of my closest friends).  I'm talking about Parisian perfection that embodies this city in the form of leather deliciousness.  Chic, sophisticated and brilliantly colorful.

When I think of glamorous, Parisian perfection I think tall (obviously not happening) with dirty blond hair (working on it) wearing a perfectly tailored Chloé ensemble (mmm, maybe in my late forties...if I start saving now) walking hand in hand with the one and only Céline.
Courtesy of Do it in Paris 
I've yet to see this woman in Paris, but I know she's out there....lunching at Hotel Costes and enjoying private parties at the Ephemeral Champagne Bar.  I Doubt she's a regular at my neighborhood Monoprix.

Anway... some people may think that Miss Birkin is the embodiment of all that is Parisian, but I will agree to disagree.  I'd take Avenue Montaigne over the Champs Elysees any day.  I've happened to walk past this beautiful jewel twice this week.  First, on my way home from church and then again randomly when I was a bit lost (you better believe I'm picking up what your putting down, Big Guy). So it seems it is just meant to be.

Some day.

PS - I got a new camera lens and I am OBSESSED.  How awesome are these pictures?!

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