Monday, November 28, 2011

I wish I was as funny as Mindy Kaling (And other concerns)

I think my funniness peaked my senior year of college.  I had somehow weaseled my way in as VP of my sorority and had a captive email audience of one hundred college girls.  So when I needed to email everyone about random sorority officer-esque things, I would spend way too much time crafting funny one liners (usually referencing the popular fraternities, campus celebrities and/or the latest gossip from rival sororities) so that I could reread the email after I sent it out and laugh out loud to myself while imagining everyone else reading the emails thinking, "Wow, she is soooo funny!"  Yep, that was my peak.  Now I write about excursions to furniture museums.  

Mindy Kaling is kind of funny every girl should aspire to be and her newest book is definitely Kindle worthy....unless for some reason you don't like The Office (which means we don't share the same sense of humor).  If you do fall into this latter category, don't beat yourself up.  The Mr. doesn't like it either.  But then again, that means you are in the same category with a fan of the new Fox drama, Terra Nova.      

Anyway, I've laughed out loud more than once, realized how not funny my college sorority emails were and am inspired never to talk about furniture museums again.  On top of the fact that Mindy is self-deprecatingly hilarious, you glean from this book that she actually has a good head on her shoulders, too.  So unlike Chelsea Handler books, where you feel a little guilty laughing so hard at someone that is such a mess, Mindy has her life together and still manages to make people laugh.  It is two afternoons and twelve dollars you won't be sorry you spent.  

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