Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Post One Hundred

What?!? Can you believe that??  I'm so glad I didn't realize this was my 100th post until I just sat down and got ready to write a blog about our week so far; otherwise, I would have felt some major pressure (I know all three of my dedicated readers have been on the edge of their seats for days!)  

Charring Cross Bridge, Claude Monet

So thank goodness I have come armed with loads of details from our recent trip to the new most fabulous museum in Paris, Musée Marmottan. (L'Orangerie is still fabulous, but Marmottan is just now the most fabulous).

Starring the Parisian favorite, Mr. Claude Monet.  

Art is intimidating.  Art lovers are intimidating.  And art sellers....totally scary.  So it's quite refreshing to hear from such an admired and acclaimed artist that it isn't always necessary to understand everything about something to have a passion for it.

SO.... the Marmottan.  The museum showcases some of Monet's best work and is in a beautiful old French home.  Paul Marmottan was the owner of the home and had an exquisite collection of 19th- century furniture and paintings before he died and donated it all to a private trust.  

After exploring the house and all of the beautiful antique furniture, a collection of Monet's paintings awaits in an annexed gallery wing, including this awe-inspiring gem.

Maybe post 101 will be about my reinvigorated, Monet inspired painting marathon?  Nous allons voir!  

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