Monday, January 30, 2012

Back in the land of Paris

Unpacking. Laundry. Repacking. Dry cleaning. House cleaning. Email responding.  Exciting stuff going on here.  (As soon as I catch my breath, we'll chat about Austria).

As I reorganize, I have to take a minute to tell you about my new absolute favorite indulgence of all time.  I call it European peanut butter.  But it is better than peanut butter.  Better than nutella.  It tastes like a crisp caramelized cookie that has been turned into a spread (literally, a cookie that has been turned into a spread; more precisely, the delicious little lotus cookie that Delta gives out).  It is crack addictive.  I'm talking hot chocolate chip cookies out of the oven, can't stop popping them, addictive.
My favorite way to Speculoos is on pretzels.  But as the label suggests, it is also good on bread, as a dip for fruit or served warm on ice cream.  Anything you peanut butter, you can speculoos. 

Thank you, Belgium.  As if peanut butter wasn't already addictive enough.

P.S. - The French have the most bizarre commercials...

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