Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Favorites

Some say that Frenchie is the hardest reservation to score in Paris right now.  It is a tiny restaurant tucked away in the 2nd that gets major press in the foodie world.  It has been on our list for a while, but since reservations are not easy to come by, we thought we would start with the wine bar across the street.  And in Paris, the smaller the wine bar, the better the rep.  So you can only imagine how small this establishment is.  (I guess the tiny square footage gives these wine bars a certain exclusivity that increases their street cred.... who knows, but I can say one thing for certain,  client comfort is not their goal).  Nonetheless, if you are in the area, I would highly recommend stopping in for a drink and a small plate or two.  Just make sure you go early.  First come, first serve, great quality food and a cozy exposed brick type atmosphere.  And now you can say you have been to Frenchie. 

Le Grand Colbert is on the opposite end of the spectrum.  It is a big bustling brasserie that prides itself on the fact that it was in the movie Something's Gotta Give (and when I say they pride themselves on this, I mean they have the movie running on a flat screen near the bathrooms at all times).  Nonetheless, the food was really great and I would even say rivals some of the more upscale places in town.  Not to mention, the wine list was very reasonable.  This is a place I would highly recommend to people looking for great French food without all of the stuffiness that tends to go along with some of the more acclaimed places.  In fact, we enjoyed ourselves so much in this laid back brasserie that we had no idea that it was 1:30 AM when we got around to asking for the check.  (Although, it may have had something to do with the company, as well.  Loved seeing the Reeds!). 

I hope everyone has a fabulous week.  We are off to CDG in the morning, so hopefully some fun Austrian stories in our near futures.   À bientôt!  

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