Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Part II: Brittany

We're so behind... between the packing, travels, unpacking and repacking for the move that is coming up way too quickly, I can't catch my breath.   So where are we? Brittany - let's do a quick blitz.

Brittany is the part of France that, you guessed it, used to be part of Great Britain.  With a strong Celtic heritage, the people love music, are red headed and freckled and quite friendly.  Our first stop was the old port town of Dinan.  Half-timbered and medieval, I constantly fought the desire to belt out the Bonjour! Good Day! song from Beauty and the Beast as we walked up and down the storybook streets.  (Still disappointed the directors incorrectly cast me as Lumiere (the candlestick) instead of the lead in our 2nd grade rendition of this play, but we managed to enjoy Dinan nonetheless). 

How Beauty and the Beast is this?

Our next stop was the resort town of St. Malo.  A little quiet in April, but still a beautiful coastal town encased in old ramparts jutting out into the English Channel (and home to the best caramel beurre sale crepe I've ever had). 

There's Great Britain!

Just kidding.

But we did argue about whether that was actually the English Channel or not.

And of course, I won.  It is.

After a quick walk around the ramparts (and a crepe, or two) we hit the road for a drive along the Emerald Coast.  This drive is best done from Dinan to Mont. St. Michel, but since we had already been to Mt. St. Michel, we cut it short and just drove to Cancale (home to the best oysters in Brittany...maybe even France).  If you are interest in doing the Emerald Coast drive, take Rick along with you for guidance. (Or, email me and I will share the dets).  

The fish soup is also delicious in Normandy and Brittany (served with croutons, cheese and rouille - {a red pepper aioli used to thicken and garnish - which I'm so pumped that I learned to make in my sauce class} the fish soup quickly became our favorite thing to order at each meal). 

The mussels were quite delicious, as well.

This is Cancale.

Next, we continued our drive along the Emerald Coast and made some great stops along the way. 

Can you spot the tiny little black shadow in the background?

That's Mont St. Michel! 

And that is Brittany in a blitz. 

Oh, and one more thing .... some cows blocked one of the roads on our way between Normandy and Brittany and I just had to document.  C'est la France! (Or, Alabama? One would never know...)

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