Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hot Mulled Wine and Notre Dame

First, a fabulous quote from a T&L article that eloquently describes how I feel about my new city: "Every cobbled lane, every streetside café, every patisserie window seems to have been art-directed by some impossibly savvy set designer; every passerby apparently costumed by a couturier. Paris spoils you for everywhere else."  Totally agree.

LOVE hot mulled wine, especially on a cold day in Paris.  Today, we decided to take advantage of the pretty (although cold) day and spent the afternoon exploring the city.  We started the day by grabbing a fallafel in the Marais at As du Fallafel (as Zagat calls, "one of the most delicious inexpensive meals in Paris" .... although I am going to have to disagree, I'll take an even less expensive fromage crepe any day over a fallafel...).  Next, we checked out the Musee Carnavavalet, a museum of the history of Paris.  I loved seeing all of the beautiful furniture and rooms that were decorated to imitate the different eras of the city's life.  And the ceramics were divine!!  I wish my everyday china could look like that.  The museum is in the old Hotel Carnavalet, one of the most outstanding examples of architecture in the Marais.

After the museum, we walked over to Ile St. Louis so the Mr. could go to Berthillion (most famous ice cream shop in the city).  It was 35 degrees today so I passed on the ice cream.  Don't worry though, there was a great looking cookie store across the street so naturally we stopped there too.  The final stop was Notre Dame.  That's where the hot mulled wine came in.  I grabbed a glass from a vendor on the street before we went inside the cathedral.  It was piping hot and delicious! Notre Dame - what can I say? It speaks for itself.  Great end to a great day.
Love how small this giant building makes me look. 

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