Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Galeries Lafayette

Galeries Lafayette - Main Store
In search of boots:  both pair of my boots were lost in the move... how do you lose boots?? If anyone can do it, I guess I would be that person. Anyway... I went to the famous Paris department store today in search of replacements.  Galeries Lafayette is a huge department store consisting three different buildings- the main store, the home stores and the men's store (which also houses the gourmet food store... heavenly!). Of course the moment I walk in the store I hear a man speaking English to a customer, "Yes ma'am, the sale starts tomorrow. Nothing is on sale today." Of course it isn't. 

So, naturally, I head to the gourmet food market instead.  Now, most people complain about writing wedding thank you notes, but I must admit I actually love it.  It gives me an excuse to go to a beautiful coffee shop and actually have a reason to linger and it also makes me feel very productive. Love feeling productive. I found my favorite little store in the gourmet market, I call it the cookie shop. Genius idea - it's a store that sells only fresh, hot chocolate chip cookies (and lots of different varieties of chocolate chip... with nuts, dark, white etc...).  I enjoyed my cookie and coffee and wrote a few notes. 

Of course this inspired me to check out the wedding dress department.  I guess a girl never gets over that obsession. I thought I would after my wedding, but clearly it hasn't set in yet. 

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