Monday, January 17, 2011

Exploring Portugal

Our first weekend getaway as a Mr. and Mrs! We set out in search of a little adventure (and sunlight) for a break from the current cold, rainy Paris.  Adventure we got, sun, we did not.  Portugal is a beautiful country full of rustic charm.  It made for a nice change of pace from glitzy Paris (for the Mr. that is.... I certainly do not get tired of glitzy Paris, or really anything modified by the word glitzy).

After a very bumpy flight, we touched down in Lisbon and spent the next two days exploring before we took a train up to the Northeastern coastal city of Porto.  We spent the day in Porto roaming through some beautiful old churches and learning about Port and wines from the Douro Valley.  A great trip topped off with a phone call from two our best friends telling us that they had just gotten engaged! Congratulations to Katie and Hagan!  Now if we can just persuade them to do the honeymoon in Paris....  

(See the Adventures page for more pictures from the trip)

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