Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Continuosly Captivated

A very sunny day in a cold winter Paris.
 The sun finally appeared today.  The inspiration I have been waiting for to put on my boots (my new, G.Lafayette boots nonetheless) and explore a new part of the city. (I must admit that I was also inspired by a "Turbo Fire" work out DVD infomercial that I accidentally watched this morning.  The only bad thing about Slingbox is that the times that I want to watch American television it is usually 2 AM in the States and nothing but infomercials are on).  ANYWAY...  

Today it was flowers.  That little bit of sun made the same flower shops that have been sitting down the street every day seem like brand new hidden gardens that needed to be explored.  My favorite thing about Paris is that I am continuously captivated by everyday nuances.  From the boulangeries (bakeries) on every corner to the flower shops that scattered throughout the neighborhoods,  I am absolutely riveted every time I see one.  I have to stop myself from sliding on my iphone to take pictures because I remind myself that this is just everyday life in Paris. Maybe I will get used to it. I hope not.

Luckily for me, the Mr. loves flowers just as much as I do. I think that is one of his new favorite things about having a Mrs., an excuse for flowers in the apartment.  After searching several shops, I fell in love with a little store near Avenue Victor Hugo (a fantastic neighborhood just south of the Champs-Elysees....all of the fabulous shopping minus the tourist overload).  

 Seeing that the current apartment is 15 square meters, we don't really have an abundance of space for flowers.  I decided to go with a single white hyacinth potted in an adorable little tin covered in moss.  It is amazing what one little hyacinth can do for a place our size.  Smells divine! (although probably not after the Chinese food I am going to attempt to cook for dinner, per request of the Mr., don't expect to find that little rendition on the Food page...I am willing to bet that Chinese is not my specialty) 
Simply in love. 
 And then I fell in love two more times (well three if you count the Chanel earrings).  First, the paper store:  Caractere.  Total divinity.  I didn't think it was possible to fall in love with paper after going through a wedding, I thought I had seen it all. Over the past five months I have flipped through dozens of sample books (Crane, William Arthur, Embossed Graphics etc.. ) OH was I wrong.  Paper in France is like hearing Celine Dion for the first time after a life of listening to Katy Perry (no offense, I love her new song, but Celine is Celine).  The bottom line: the paper in France is sublime.  If I haven't written a thank you note to you yet, you are in luck!! Albeit a little late, the stationery will be stunning. 

And then, the linen store:  Reve Blanc.  A fine linen lovers dream.  The first time I stayed in my mother in laws guest bedroom, I knew I had fallen in love with fine linen.  You know, the kind of bed that is so beautiful you don't want to sleep in it?  And then, when you do finally convince yourself to sleep in it, it is more comfortable than it is beautiful? That's the kind of bed I long for.  Unfortunately, a love affair with fine linen is a difficult one to pursue as a newlywed (the Mr. does not share the love for fine linen that he does with flowers).  This is where Reve Blanc comes in... a Yves Delorme outlet.  Outlet isn't even the correct word, because it is a beautiful little shop in Rue Cler (great neighborhood at the foot of the Eiffel Tower), not a big warehouse full of unwanted goods.  It carries current lines, not just the discontinued stuff; yet, it is highly discounted (see that what I mean? even outlets are captivating in Paris).  And of course there was a vintage shop right next to the linen "outlet" and I fell in love for the third time of the day with some Chanel pearl and gold clip on earrings... praying they will still be there when my birthday rolls around... in July.... ANYWAY.... back to Reve Blanc.  After a wonderful afternoon talking to the shop owner who raved about her recent trip to New Orleans, I will forever love Yves Delorme Serpentine Blue.  Our first real linens as a Mr. and Mrs. in Paris.

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