Friday, April 8, 2011

Heureux Fashion Friday

By the way, it took me until Thursday to realize I wrote the Happy Tulip Tuesday blog on a Wednesday.  Oops.

But I am quite sure it is Friday today because the Mr. is finishing his last exam of the week and taking me to dinner to celebrate.  In the meantime, fashion is on my mind and I cannot get enough of Sandro this Spring. Their Printemps été 2011 collection is beyond fabulous.  We need to get them to US pronto.  Anyone up for opening a store with me?  Think J-Crew meets Chloe.

Oh and, can I be you?

I will even take just your hair color.

Ok, and I guess your legs.

OMG! I cannot get enough!! Thank goodness there is not one but two down the street. 

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