Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Parc Monceau

New favorite.  Do I say that every time I go to another park in Paris?

The Mr. says I love (/overuse) superlatives.  This is the best park, the most fabulous street, the most delicious baguette, the most wonderful husband....you know.  Some people call it optimism, but hey, who is arguing here?  I will just follow my lawyerly instinct and throw in some data to back up my cheery outlook on life.

The Best Parisian park:
1) Flowers and overall manicure (bonus points for trimmed hedges and boxwoods);
2) Some sort of water; including but not limited to fountains (bonus points for both);
3) Lack of crowd (especially tourist, which remember, I am not... I am totally French now); and
4) Space to put your toes in the grass (sitting on a cold bench scooting away from bird droppings is not my idea of a nice day in the park). 

Parc Monceau, nestled in a quiet corner of the 8th, passes all of the tests.  The flowers were not anything special and it lacked any manicured boxwoods (that honestly all French parks really should have), but the small crowd and large grassy areas made up for the other missing qualities.  So I will award Parc Monceau the best picnic park (as of yet). 

Body of water
More water (bonus points)
Gate symbolizing exclusivness.... keeping out crowds.

 Feet in grass. (The Mr.'s feet, to be precise).

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