Thursday, May 19, 2011

Add it to the List

A new favorite French clothing line.

Discovered here. 

A favorite French department store.  (It has the best jewelry and a perfect selection of great designers without any of the crowds.  Not to mention it is down the street from 26 Rue).

I think this French girl would shop at Frank et Fils.

Courtesy of a favorite blog, Do it in Paris.  
Wearing a Claudie Pierlot top, paired with a Mango skirt (one of my favorite inexpensive clothing lines... think mix between Zara and H&M...I found the best cashmere sweater on sale at their store in Lisbon), Stella McCartney shoes, a Celine envelope shoulder bag, topped off with an Accessorize hat (another favorite shop for inexpensive accessories).
This is the reason I love French fashion.  They are the queens of mixing high and low end pieces to achieve that I'm so sophisticated yet I am not trying hard, look.  It takes quite the talent.

Claudie Pierlot Printemps - Eté 2011
 Yet it looks deceivingly easy.

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