Friday, May 20, 2011

Rue Jacob

Happy Vendredi everyone! 

I know I have already mentioned this charming little street in Saint-Germain-des-Pres, but it seems that I just can't get enough. The Mr. and I strolled down the rue again this afternoon and I found a few more treasures to share.

First, Bonaparte Ladurée on the corner of rue Jacob and rue Bonaparte is by far the best of the Ladurée empire.  The window display alone is enough to make you want to give up your life and move to Paris forever.  And then there is the chinoiserie decor.... the Mr. all but has to drag me out every time I drag him in.

In case you don't spend every moment of your life reading up on Parisian indulgences, Ladurée is a patisserie famous for their macaroons and elegant tea salons.  The boutiques are scattered around Paris and decorated with over-the-top chandeliers and glass display cases that are lined with rows of pastel pastries and stacks of colorful gift boxes and ribbons. You can pick up a box of macaroons to go or splurge and dine in.  My favorite is the plate of four with a cafe creme.

The Mr. always goes for the Cafe flavored macaroons and I usually choose a Caramel Buerre Sel along with a seasonal addition.  Today, I had the Almond Cherry. 

 Maybe next time I will try this.

Religieuse à la Rose.  Cream puff pastry, rose petal cream and fresh raspberries.

The Ladurée v. Pierre Herme battle is intense, but needless to say I am team Ladurée all the way.

Also notable, Le Comptoir des Saints-Peres and Le Petite Jacob.  The first is a great little bistro and the other is a tiny wine bar with very reasonably priced rose.  The perfect places to stop and people watch or enjoy a glass of wine on a hot summer day.

A Gien boutique, a paper store, Isabel Marant, too many antique stores to count, and Blanc d'Ivoire (home decor store) are a few other reasons why I am in love with Jacob.

The Mr. is in charge of dinner tonight.... love Vendredis. 

Bon weekend everyone.

*Photos courtesy of Paris Breakfasts blog.

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