Monday, May 23, 2011


Place de la Concorde
We ended up at L'Ardoise Saturday night by way of rejection from Le Souffle.  The disappointment wore off quickly.  

In the 1st near Place de la Concord, I may even have to break my no repeat rule for this delicious little restaurant.  If you appreciate gourmet food at reasonable prices surrounded by a great atmosphere, you will love L'Ardoise. (Great wine list, to boot).  Try the monkfish ratatouille.  

 After our fabulous dinner at L'Ardoise with some New Orleans girls, we stopped by Footsie.  One of the Mr.'s favorites.  A great American style bar where drink prices fluctuate like stock prices.  As more people order white wine, the price goes up, the less it's ordered, the price goes down. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!  I'm kicking off the week with a piece of Eric Kayser five grain toast and Bordier buerre this morning.  A little splurge on Monday morning sets a good tone for the rest of the week.   

A bientôt!

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