Monday, June 27, 2011

Michèle Et Cie

Speaking of my international interior decorator, I can't help but mention my mother-in-law's fabulous little piece of France in Atlanta. 

Michèle Et Cie is a beautiful collection of French finds for the interior housed in The Stalls of Atlanta.  I stopped by for inspiration while I was in town a few weeks ago.  Here is a peek inside the shop. Definitely worth a visit if you are in Atlanta!

Armed with lots of ideas from Michèle Et Cie, I made it home with a pair of these from Clignancourt flea market today.  They are a pair of Louis XV bronze sconces. 

Maybe a little much for my ikea sofa, but I can already picture them in my dream house house dining room. 

 Did I mention it was 97 degrees today in Paris? And this little pad doesn't have air con?  I think I may be dreaming of Atlanta tonight....

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