Saturday, November 19, 2011

Indonesian, anyone?

Because everyone gets tired of French food eventually

Indonesian is my new favorite.  It's the perfect mix between Indian and Thai.  The Mr. loves Thai and I love Indian, so Indonesian is our perfect middleman.  Now, if only there was a middleman between Italian and Chinese...

We had amazing Indonesian food in Amsterdam (they are known for their good Indonesian cuisine in Holland because as the Mr. reminded me (explained for the first time) Indonesia was once a Dutch colony.  We're going to Djakarta Bali tonight (the only Indonesian restaurant in the Zagat).  It's in the first near the Louvre.  I am getting hungry just typing this.  And in case your geography is as bad as mine and you can't picture this beautiful place on a map...

I hope everyone is having delicious food this Saturday night.  Eat ethnic this weekend.... there are lots of American holidays in your near future.

See you Monday!

*Pictures via pinterest 

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