Thursday, November 17, 2011

Noël à Paris

There is nothing like Christmas in Paris.  Although I have never experienced it before, I am pretty sure it is going to be amazing. 

Galeries Lafayette

The upside to skipping Thanksgiving is that Christmas starts early here.  Lights are up, displays are in place and the shoppers have been unleashed.  Unlike most, Christmas shopping is one of my favorite things to do....perhaps because "gifts" happens to be my love language. (If you don't know what a "love language" is, google Gary Chapman, The Five Love Languages.... one of the best books ever.  If you are in a relationship or ever hope to be, you should read this book.  Ignore the cheesy infomercial  looking cover and buy a used copy on Amazon for 33 cents).  Anyway.... yes, the Christmas season has begun and it is making the fact that were spent 2 hours making, and burning, gumbo tonight seem not quite as bad.  Christmas music on the ipod speakers makes everything a little better.

They are stringing lights on our rue as we speak.  Can't wait to show you soon.


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