Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Seriously. It rivals Christmas. 

Anything and everything 50% off.  The leather jacket I've been eyeing since October, over the knee boots I've been searching for for two years, beautiful Porthault pillow cases and lots of feminine silk tops courtesy of Sandro, BA&SH, Claudie Pierlot, Sonia and all my favorite girls.  If you are thinking about a trip to Paris, you should consider late January.  The flights are cheaper, you'll have an excuse to whip out your fur (tres acceptable here) and the shopping is seriously incroyable.   Icing on the cake, an Hermès private sale tomorrow morning. 

Another thing that I love about January in Paris is the gallette de rois (the French version of king cake - a Louisiana specialty in the US that appears in January and lasts through the Mardi Gras season).  The French gallette de rois is also made in early January to celebrate l'Epiphanie (the day in which the three kings traveled far and wide to pay their tribute to the baby Jesus).  In France, the three wise men are known as Les Rois Mages (the Magi).  French families celebrate this special time of year by partaking in what else, but a delicious pastry.  The flaky cake is filled with crème d'amande and it melts in your mouth.  I'm hoping to get the Mr. over to the Marais on Sunday to try one of the best gallette de rois in Paris, at Jacques Genin.

As to which one is better, the Louisianan sugary rendition or the French flaky pastry, my lips are sealed (I'd be tredding on very thing political ice by answering that one).  You will just have to come over here and decide for yourself. 

Totally off the subject, but how cute is this dog?? I found him on pinterest.  He's a cavapoo, a mix between a poodle and a king charles cavalier spaniel. Need him, right??!

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