Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring transitions

Blue jean + Hot Pink
1) H&M 2) MARNI chez H&M 3) Hirica

I am loving blue jeans shirts and anything hot pink right now.  This little ensemb seems to be a perfect Spring transition.  (How much are you loving Marni for H&M?  Très fab, if you ask me!)

Speaking of très fab, (aren't we always?) we are loving rue Bretagne in the Marais right now.  Cafe Charlot is the perfect perch for a glass of red and people watching.  (I was dying to stay for dinner to try the boeuf bourguignon aux tagliatelles special).  Add this little piece of the Marais to your list for the next visit.

P.S. - count yourself lucky I had the strength to type this (since I know you wait aimlessly by the computer for my posts).  My entire body is screaming with soreness.  Spring also = bathing suit time reminder.  I am trying to tone up to look like this girl on our April vaca. (A girl's got to dream!)

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