Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter, everyone!  It's been a quiet Easter for us.  A forgettable brunch at Market made us home sick for my grandmother's strawberry cake and long New Orleans lunches at Patois.  (Maybe it's the weather.... 50 was the high today! I couldn't even break out my white!! I'm desperately looking forward to that Southern sun).  

Market is the Paris branch of the Jean-Georges empire, but it lacked any of the real substance you get at his NYC spots.  (You would think that you couldn't go wrong with fontina truffle pizza, but apparently you can).  Maybe this is God's way of laughing at us for trying to eat out a posh restaurant on Easter.  Next time, we'll have to remember to stick to family gatherings and casseroles.

Please forgive me, but it made me laugh (and I forgot to take any pictures at Market...) 

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