Thursday, April 5, 2012

Girls in Paris: Thé at le Athénée

Add it to the list.  Afternoon tea and a to-die-for dessert trolley at the  Hôtel Plaza Athénée is a must do in Paris.  This beautiful five star on Avenue Montaigne serves tea and desserts daily starting at 2:00 pm.  It makes for a fabulous girls après-midi.  

The famous red awnings can be spotted all the way from Dior.  You can't miss it.

The hardest part is choosing....

the tea room, or....

the green encased courtyard.

(Don't worry, we managed).

I really just can't even begin to describe to you the dessert trolley.  I've never done high tea in London, and I'm sure it is fabulous, but how can anything begin to compete with French patisserie?!  The ability to make something that looks this beautiful taste so good is truly an art.  Pictured above is my selection of a Napoleon with orange blossom infused cream and fresh strawberries.

Ruth had the pistachio crusted almond cake, also adorned with fresh strawberries. (I am salivating just typing this).

Doesn't Ruth look like she was born for afternoon tea?  Loving that little Peter Pan collar.

Lots more Girls in Paris to come!  À bientôt.

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